Emirates: The largest airline of United Arab Emirates


As the airline tagline says, “Your Comfort Comes First”, it also lives up to its mark. Everybody knows that Emirates is the largest airline of the United Arab Emirates, but it is not just limited to that. Emirates is also known as the world’s fourth largest airline. The journey of Emirates started in 1985 and just within the time frame of 2 years it came out to be one of the world’s major airlines. The first flight of Emirates flew from Dubai to Karachi, Pakistan in October 1985. With several partnerships and investments, it became the world’s supreme air carrier.

Enjoy and experience the class in-flight entertainment and hospitality with Emirates. Check-in with Emirates online or through their app before you land at the airport and make sure you are aware of the flight status. Book your tickets today with Emirates online or via its app. You can download the app for Emirates on Google Play and with that you can book your flight to your desired destination anytime and anywhere.

Features of Emirates

Emirates is famous for its unique in-flight features that ensures comfort, entertainment, security, and luxury to its passengers.

1. Cabin features

Make your journey comfortable and relaxing with Emirates. As Emirates firmly believes in conveying their passengers to “Fly Better”. With Emirates you can fly via first class, Business class, Premium economy, Economy class. You can explore more about its cabin features here: https://www.emirates.com/in/english/

Emirates A380 First Class

Well, you can come close to experiencing something as private jet. Get maximum privacy by closing the doors in this Emirates A380 First Class fight. Get an aesthetic ambience to make room for undisturbed entertainment. Not only that, but you can convert your seat into a flatbed to get comfortable or to get rest during your journey. Along with that, you can get the best dining services which includes à la carte cuisine, delicious snacks, and many more. One of the most outstanding features of first class is a shower spa; you can now arrive completely refreshed to your destination.

Emirates Boeing 777

Get an in-flight experience like no other kind you would have ever experienced with Emirates Boeing 777. With enclosed suites, zero gravity seats, fine dining gets the most comfortable experience in these first class luxury lounges. Not only that but you also spend your journey in a private suite. It also has a HD projection feature, wherein you can get the best projections of the outside world. Find your best resting position with Emirates Boeing 777 first class flight with the zero-gravity feature. Book your tickets now, and enjoy every stage of your journey with Emirates.

2. Business class

Emirates offers the best business class flight experience for its fellow corporate customers.

Emirates A380 Business class

After those long working hours one needs a fully flat bed with comfortable mattresses and a cosy blanket. Fly with Emirates A380 Business class to get an experience of comfort, entertainment, and networking.

Emirates Boeing 777

Relax and enjoy in Emirates Boeing 777 Business Class cabins and mix business with pleasure. Since, corporate fellows never stop hustling, you can work, read or write in comfort while you fly with Emirates.

3. Premium Economy

Sophisticated interior, textured bronze wood grain accents, comfort like you have never experienced before, will exceed your expectations about the Emirates Premium economy flights. Enhance your journey with Emirates by booking premium economy tickets for your next destinations. Some of the outstanding features of this flight are: Luxurious cream leather seats, customisation of your comfort, and spacious wood grain tables. 

4. Economy Class

Give your journey a completely different experience by flying with Emirates Economy class. Some of the features of this flight are regionally inspired meals, get your favourite box sets; match your meal with complimentary beverages, travel safe under Covid-19 safety measures, ticket flexibility and many more.

In-flight entertainment

Who said flying had nothing to do with entertainment. After all, some flights can take up to several hours. Which is why Emirates have an In-flight entertainment feature which lets you allow 5000 channels on their inflight entertainment system. Not only that, but Emirates also have an onboard Wi-Fi; you can choose data plans to stay connected online during your journey.

What’s more interesting is that Emirates also has an in-flight airshow, which will let you follow your flight’s progress on your moving map and you can see the world from 40,000ft. This is possible due to their external cameras.

Why wait, when you can completely change your experience of flying to your destination. Book your tickets now with Emirates and fly better to your destination. You can find and read more about Emirates online on their website: https://www.emirates.com/in/english/