The Ultimate Traveler’s Essential Apps: Worth Your Travels


When traveling abroad, you need to make sure that you have your phone with you at all times. Whether it’s for maps, translations, or just to take pictures of the amazing scenery around you-you never know when an app will come in handy. We’ve compiled a list of 10 apps that are great to have on hand while traveling abroad.

This is a great app to have when you’re traveling abroad because it can be used offline, which means that you won’t need internet access in order for the map to work. Plus, even if you do lose connection with your phone carrier while using this app, there are built-in GPS navigation features available on some maps so that way you know where exactly you should go and how to get there. You can download certain areas beforehand or update existing ones as well once connected online again!

Google Translate

This is another must-have when traveling abroad. Whether you’re trying to speak with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you, or if you just want to read menus at restaurants and other signs around town in their native tongue, having an app that can translate different languages on hand will help a lot! You can save your favorites for offline use so that way they are accessible even without an internet connection too. You can also download entire phrasebooks of phrases set out by country beforehand so there won’t be any confusion once arriving at your destination!

Trip Advisor

Don’t get stuck wandering aimlessly through cities not knowing where anything important is located because you won’t know where to start. Instead, download Trip Advisor beforehand so that way you can find all of the best restaurants and sights around town without having to spend hours sifting through reviews online. You can even save your searches for later use or share them with friends too!


This app comes in handy when traveling abroad because it will help give you an idea of how much money is worth at any given time while also helping you determine what things are actually going to cost if you were planning on exchanging currency before arriving at your destination. Plus, there are different settings available depending on which country you plan on visiting as well!

Whatsapp Messenger

Nowadays everyone uses WhatsApp messenger these days whether they speak English, Spanish, Chinese, or another language. Having this app on hand while traveling abroad is great because you can message your friends and family back home without paying expensive international rates to call them! Plus the texts are all in real-time so there’s no waiting around for messages to send through either-they’ll be instantly delivered when they come in!


If you’re traveling abroad with a group of friends and family, this app is one that you should download as well. You can keep in touch with everyone through messages or even video chats no matter how far apart you are which will help make your trip more enjoyable not having to worry about missing out on important events at home!


Whether it’s for an apartment rental while traveling abroad or just looking up great places to stay nearby, downloading the Airbnb app beforehand is crucial. There are so many amazing rentals available online now from people who want to share their homes instead of them sitting empty all year round! It doesn’t cost anything either way (if renting) because most owners do not charge for the extra time while traveling abroad.

Gas Buddy

This app helps you save money when filling up your gas tank any place around town! It lets you know which stations are offering the cheapest prices for their gasoline so that way you can get more bang for your buck before arriving at your destination or even during long road trips if applicable to where you’re going!


This is the perfect app when you’re traveling abroad because it will help guide you to some of the best places in your immediate area whether searching for restaurants, bars or even convenience stores. There are reviews available from real people who have used these businesses before which make it much easier than wandering aimlessly thinking there aren’t any good options around! Plus, many offer coupons and discounts too so keep an eye out for those while scrolling through different listings. 


Another great travel app that everyone should download beforehand if they plan on doing a lot of flying during their trip overseas especially since airlines usually charge extra for suitcases unless already reserved beforehand. With Trip It, all reservations can be stored onto one single itinerary that can be accessed anywhere online or even better yet, on your phone!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 apps that are great to have on hand while traveling abroad. If you’re going to be traveling internationally anytime soon, make sure your phone is fully charged and ready for anything! Which app do you think will come in handy the most? Let us know by commenting below!