The Book Depository is the largest bookshop in Australia. The Book Depository has everything from Harry Potter to Stephen King to Bobby Flay and so much more. It is a major international book retailer with over 20 million titles and free worldwide shipping (with no minimum spend). Every day, they ship thousands of books from Gloucester, England, and Melbourne, Australia, to over 180 countries around the world, with prices displayed in 37 different local currencies. Their mission is to make “all books available to everyone” through enhancing book selection, accessibility, and cost.

At Book Depository, you’ll always get the greatest price on top-sellers from around the world, so you’ll never have to sacrifice your budget to keep up with your bookish habits.

The campaign goals with social club 

Book Depository is a global online bookstore located in the United Kingdom that offers free worldwide shipping on over 20 million books. Their mission is to make “all books available to everyone” through enhancing book selection, accessibility, and cost. They partnered with The Social Club to assist spread awareness of Book Depository’s service and offerings, believing that an influencer-led campaign would benefit to work with a variety of influencers from a variety of hobbies and interests to appeal to a broad target audience with this campaign because books are read and loved by all.

Strategy for the Campaign

For this campaign, Book Depository and The Social Club collaborated with a diverse group of influencers in order to raise Book Depository’s profile in New Zealand and make it a household name. All of the influencers’ content was consistent with both the Book Depository brand and the influencers’ feed. Because the influencers chosen were already existing clients, the content was absolutely genuine.

Used 10% off discount codes for each influencer, which proved to be beneficial in driving purchases, with over 350 vouchers being used. Swipe up links to the Book Depository homepage were also used to encourage consumers to buy directly from Instagram stories. The content was accessible, warm, and familiar, capturing a moment and conveying a tale about their new book purchases. Influencers also videotaped their purchase experience, giving viewers a better understanding of Book Depository and how it works.

“The campaign Untranslatable Words”

The goal was to develop a fun, colourful set of bookmarks that would encourage personalization and creativity. The concept is to come up with an untranslatable word that expresses how you feel when reading a fantastic book. Share it on social media with the hashtag #bookdepository, and the most inventive entry will win a £50 BD voucher. came up with five examples of untranslatable words, along with a description of what they signify, as a stimulus to urge customers to come up with their own. These were turned into Instagram postings, with Book Depository’s 59,000 followers responding with visceral and creative responses.

“Reading For Kids campaign”

Many children stop reading as they get older, according to research, and Book Depository wants to address this with a two-part on-site promotion. The first aimed to encourage young children’s imagination by promoting new authors, while the second was to encourage older children’s ambition by providing a selection of novels that could assist them in planning for the future.

The goal of the campaign was to promote positive, nourishing, intelligent titles that would benefit children for a lifetime, as well as to urge parents to choose high-quality books for their children rather than the lowest-common-denominator titles available.

“Read Together at the Book Depository”

The Hong Kong Book Fair is a once-a-year event where book lovers may peruse and purchase the latest releases. Because Book Depository has no physical location and only sells books online, the goal was to pique people’s interest in visiting the site and making a purchase.

To promote awareness,devised an innovative influencer campaign, launching the #ReadTogether campaign with the help of ten local mom bloggers. invited bloggers to share their personal experiences with children’s bedtime stories.

The campaign reached a total of 343,031 people on social media, garnered 264,401 impressions and video views on owned platforms, and generated an EAV of HK$525,000.

During the campaign, other outcomes included:

  • With 100% key message penetration, 22 pieces of blogger coverage and 6 pieces of media coverage were published.
  • In Hong Kong, sales jumped by more than 50% compared to the pre-campaign period.
  • Out of 130 nations, Book Depository was placed third in terms of revenue.
  • Following the campaign, HK traffic climbed by 57.3 percent, while HK revenue increased by 53.4 percent.

“Book bestie a social media campaign”

This social media campaign was a direct result of research, which included social media sharing. Customers were asked to use the hashtag #bookbestie to introduce their friends and family to books they knew they’d enjoy. By including campaign bookmarks in orders, they were able to indirectly target new customers. Customers were prompted to write a note to their book bestie and publish it on social media because of the bright, fluorescent style.