6 Simple Ways to Deal with Homesickness on a Trip


We all know that feeling. You’re on vacation, for the first time in a while you feel relaxed and happy, but then suddenly your stomach drops when you remember that you left home behind. And now it feels impossible to keep enjoying yourself because there are so many reminders of what you can’t have back at home. 

But don’t worry! There are plenty of things you can do to help make homesickness less painful while traveling!

  1. Get out and explore your city. What is there to see? How much time do you have before sunset or sunrise? Is it worth buying a ticket for an event in town, such as the opera or symphony? Don’t just sit around feeling sorry for yourself! This will not only help distract you from thinking about home, but it could also be a fun experience if you go with other people.
  2.  Connect to home through technology and social media. This can help remind you that your loved ones are still there for you, even when they may feel very far away at the moment. Take some time out of each day to check in on what’s happening back home. Maybe you can even call a friend to talk about what’s going on in each other’s lives!
  3.  Find out where the locals hang out and make friends with them. These people are experiencing homesickness too, but they might be able to show you some of their favorite spots around town that will remind you of home.
  4.  Find a way to give back and help your city, even if it’s something small like picking up litter or offering assistance to someone who is lost. Not only will this make a difference in the world around you, but it can also inspire gratitude for all that you have already been blessed with at home.
  5.  Remind yourself of the reasons you went on this trip in the first place. Maybe it was to make new memories with people or spend more time outdoors, and homesickness is only calling attention to your fears that maybe these things won’t happen while you’re away. Whatever your reason for traveling might be (and it’s probably more than one!) remind yourself that you came to have a good time, and this is your chance to make it happen!
  6.  If all else fails, remember that homesickness will go away. The feeling of missing home can be overwhelming at first but eventually, the sadness will subside. And when it does, you’ll be back to enjoying your trip and all of the amazing things it has in store for you.

Homesickness is a real pain. But all hope isn’t lost! There are plenty of ways to make your trip more enjoyable and help you feel less homesick while traveling abroad. So don’t give up on that vacation just because you’re feeling down in the dumps! Here are some tips for how to cope with travel-related homesickness. 

They may not work for everyone, but at least they’ll get you started thinking about what might work best for YOU when it comes to coping with this tricky situation so you can find success again sooner rather than later. What do other people who have experience dealing with homesickness recommend? How does YOUR list look like? Comment below now!