Excited about camping? Here are a few camping essentials you should get from Decathlon


Who isn’t excited about camping? As a kid, everyone has dreamt of camping at least once. About Campfires, exploring mountains, exploring areas which are not yet discovered, and going on several wild adventures. Indeed, Robert Frost meant various things when he said that he took the road which was less travelled by, but only that has made all the difference in his life. Yet, one can’t help but relate this to their real life experiences of exploration. Especially when it comes to camping, who doesn’t want to explore the road less travelled by and come home with tons of stories of your journey. While people sit and munch on snacks and you retell them about the incidents of your journey!

It sure does sound great. But what most people forget when it comes to camping is that with camping comes great risks. Which is why people need to carry camping essentials along with them every time they embark upon a new adventure. Yet, one needs a trusted platform for the camping essentials needs. Well, end your worries and explore through the wide collection of Decathlon’s finest camping essentials. Having these camping essentials by your side will keep you carefree and focused on your camping experience. 

Finest camping essentials from Decathlon

Here are some of the camping essentials from Decathlon that will keep you at ease while you discover and camp at your desired destinations.


It’s not like solo camping is not fun! But there is just something about camping with a bunch of friends or your dear family members. It just enhances the overall experience of your trip and camping as well. But since more people means you need more space for them in your tent, you must get a camping tent which can fit them all. Of course you are no weasleys who could customise a large tent resembling a house from inside. That is a wizard’s play, but with Decathlon’s 4 PERSON AIR TENT – AIR SECONDS 4.1XL, you’ll realistically get more than what you expect. In this inflatable tent four people can fit in, and it also comes with a spacious living room.


It is quite understood that the overall experience of your journey can totally depend on how much rest you get during your stay at the hotels, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can get yours anytime, anywhere. Not just that, while camping in areas which have harsh climates, it can get difficult to catch sleep due to lack of comfort. Well, end your worries and shop NITESTAR ALPHA 350 SLEEPING BAG – 3-4 SEASON from Decathlon today.  Whether it’s summer or winter season, this sleeping bag will aid you completely with the comfort you need to get a goodnight sleep or rest for that matter. It has Vango’s alpha insulation and excellent warmth providing properties too. 


While it might seem like a hassle to carry pillows along with you on your camping trip, it most definitely is not. Pillows are not just for fights with your siblings and extra support during your sleep! They help us keep the upper body in alignment when we sleep. Also, it relieves the pressure and counterbalances the points in our body. It is important to note, that during camping too, pillows help our heads keep warm. This is why you should definitely carry a pillow along with you during your camping sessions. Shop today CAMPING PILLOW from Decathlon’s sleeping equipment category. It is waterproof and its groundsheet is super easy when it comes to cleaning it. What’s more? Once you place your head on this pillow, you can adjust its firmness as per your liking. 


While you camp and discover great sightings at your desired destination, one thing you should not forget is that your thermal bottle. Now, you might wonder exactly why a thermal bottle is necessary? Well, mainly thermal bottles keep cold things cold and hot things hot regardless of the temperature outside. Moreover, the best part about thermal bottles is that they don’t consist of any kind of cooling device. Check out this LIFEVENTURE 300ML THERMAL MUG BLUE from Decathlon. It is a super versatile product and is known to keep a hot drink hot for up to 4 hours. The size of this thermal bottle is the same as a large cup of tea. Apart from that, it is watertight and comes in the colour blue.

Make Decathlon’s camping product your companion while you camp in areas not visited by many! Check out other products like inflatable mattresses, blankets, tables, tents of all sizes, and many more at Decathlon.