The 10 Best Cities for Urban and Street Photography


Street photography is an art form that has been around for centuries. When you think of street photography, images of gritty city life in New York City or Paris come to mind. The idea behind the art form is simple: take pictures of strangers on the streets without their knowledge and capture candid moments. Here are the 10 best cities for urban and street photography.

  1. New York City: The city that never sleeps. A bustling metropolis with a seemingly endless number of locations to capture timeless images, NYC is an urban photographer’s dream come true.
  1. Shanghai: This coastal mega-city offers dramatic sunsets and architecture from around the world in its various districts. Great shots can be taken at the Bund and at the Oriental Pearl Tower.
  1. Tokyo: With a population of over 37 million people, Japan’s capital is one of the world’s most populated metropolises. And it certainly has no shortage of things to photograph! There are countless temples in Tokyo that make for great shots as well as some iconic landmarks like the Imperial Palace and the Tokyo Tower.
  1. Dubai: This is a city that seems to have it all! From incredible skyscrapers, high rises, hotels as well as marinas with some of the most beautiful yachts you’ll ever see. It’s no wonder why many photographers head there for their next photoshoot or vacation in order to capture the beauty of Dubai.
  1. Mexico City: This is one busy metropolitan city! There are so many different places to take photos in this sprawling maquiladora that you’ll never run out of locations and ideas for your next photoshoot. The best time to visit? Daytime, as nighttime photography, can be quite challenging with limited lighting.
  1. Berlin: From the East Side Gallery to Alexanderplatz, this city is full of iconic architecture and moments in history that make for one amazing photoshoot! The best part? There is no shortage of places where you can get a great shot without any crowds; just look up and find an unoccupied section with beautiful views!
  1. Buenos Aires: This city has a unique mix of cultures and architectural styles from around the world. You’ll find some amazing architecture in Recoleta, La Boca as well as many other districts that make for great shots when visiting Argentina’s capital.
  1. New Orleans: We have so much to offer here! From the French Quarter, the Garden District, Bourbon Street to Jackson Square – there’s always something new and exciting happening in New Orleans. And some of these locations make for great shots too!
  1. San Francisco: With its iconic bridges spanning across this beautiful bay area, everyone who visits has their own favorite spot to take photos. But if you’re looking for a different perspective, head over to the Presidio where you’ll have some great views of Alcatraz Island and Angel Island.
  1. Chicago: From the Magnificent Mile to Millenium Park, this is one city that never disappoints! They have some of the most iconic architecture and beautiful skylines in North America; making it a top destination for many photographers when visiting Illinois.

If you want to take street photography, here are the 10 best cities for urban and street photography. These places offer an abundance of opportunities for photographers who enjoy capturing candid moments in public spaces. Whether it’s through a lens or on your phone, these amazing destinations will help fuel your creativity with fresh inspiration! Have you tried any of these locations? What were some defining features that made them stand out as good spots?