Safest, Most Affordable Destinations For Solo Female Travel Based On Popular Continents


If you’re a single female traveler, you know that safety is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your destination. While there are many safe destinations out there, we’ve narrowed it down to 4 of the safest and most affordable destinations on 3 different continents each to choose from. 


  1. Thailand.

The first on our list is Thailand. The country has a low crime rate and the locals are incredibly friendly, making it one of the safest places in Asia to visit alone as a female traveler. There aren’t too many solo female travelers here though, so you may want to avoid popular areas such as Phuket during the high season (November-February). If you are planning to travel during the high season, try Chiang Mai. It’s much smaller and calmer than Bangkok but is an equally amazing city that also has low crime rates.

  1.  Cambodia

The next destination on our list is Cambodia. Though it doesn’t have the lowest crime rate in Asia, there aren’t many areas with a lot of crime, and the locals are incredibly friendly. The best part about Cambodia is that it’s very easy to get around for single female travelers since most tuk-tuks (motorized transport) have a driver who can adjust their prices if they see you’re alone!

  1. Malaysia

Malaysia also has low crime rates and is known as one of the safest countries in Asia. One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re planning to visit a night market, they’ll often be closed by 11 pm so try and plan accordingly!

  1. Vietnam

Another great destination for solo female travelers is Vietnam. It’s very cheap here and it has one of the lowest crime rates across all Asian countries, so you won’t have to worry too much about safety. There are also many areas that cater well for solo female travelers, so it’s a great destination if you’re looking to meet some new people!


  1. France

France is a beautiful country and the landscapes are breathtaking. It’s no wonder that France makes it to number one on this list of safest countries for solo female travel! If you’re looking for somewhere serene, with plenty to see and do as well as friendly locals, then why not try Paris? The city has so much culture, a lively nightlife, and is relatively safe.

  1. Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey is a great place if you want to mix the old with the new! The city has ancient history and some amazing architecture. Istanbul also has friendly locals who are very willing to help out an outsider. If you’re looking for somewhere in Eastern Europe then try Belgrade; it’s another safe option that won’t break your budget.

  1. Switzerland

Switzerland is a country well known for its safety and if you visit during the winter months, there are plenty of ski resorts to keep you busy! The mountains around Switzerland, in general, offer some beautiful views with friendly locals who will be willing to help out should anything happen on your travels. 

  1. Germany

Another European safe bet would have to be Germany. It’s known for its beer festivals and delicious sausages so you’ll never be far away from a good time. The locals are also very friendly which is always a bonus when traveling alone.


  1. Canada

Canada is the next safest destination for a solo female traveler. Even though it can get really cold in winter, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit throughout the year – such as Vancouver and Banff National Park. You don’t have to worry about being harassed or stalked either because people will be too busy enjoying their own company to bother you.

  1. Washington

Washington state is a popular destination for solo female travelers. If you want to take a road trip or visit the mountains, Washington is an excellent choice because there are many beautiful places to explore and it does not have any large cities that can be dangerous for women traveling alone.

  1. Richmond, Virginia

The safest place overall was named Richmond, Virginia by Wallet Hub’s 2014 study on Safest Cities For Women. Richmond has a few large universities with lots of young people attending, but it is still considered to be one of the safest cities in America for solo female travel.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii 

Although Honolulu, Hawaii’s small population means that you will be on your own more often than not while traveling through, it is still one of the safer cities in America for women traveling alone. Since many solo female travelers choose this place as a hub to travel around the country, there are several organizations and businesses catering specifically to their needs.

Why not check out these 4 safe destinations on 3 different continents? You’ll be able to experience culture, adventure, and peace of mind at the same time. If you’re looking for an affordable travel destination that will give you a sense of safety while also giving you plenty of opportunities to explore new cultures, then one of the four locations we’ve included might just be perfect for your next vacation. There are many other safe places in this world where women can feel secure when traveling alone but if none seem like quite the right fit for what you want from your overseas excursion, perhaps it’s worth considering one or more of these options instead!

We hope you found this list helpful, and encourage you to share it with your friends. Happy travels!