CASPER SLEEP: 10 Ways you can improve your bedroom


Everybody wants to sleep in a comfortable bed, but many people don’t know how to achieve that goal. To help you out, Casper Sleep has compiled the top tips and advice for making your bedroom more comfortable. 

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We’ll further discuss everything from what mattress is best to keep your room cool so you can sleep peacefully at night! Check out these great suggestions and see if they work for you!

Mattress: Your bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom. A comfortable mattress can help you get a great night’s sleep, while an uncomfortable one will leave you tossing and turning all through the night! There are several types of mattresses out there on that have different features for specific needs. The best mattress for you will depend on your own personal preferences, sleeping style, and budget.

Sheets: You can have the most comfortable bed in the world, but if your sheets are uncomfortable then that’s all you’ll be focusing on! Casper understands that and thus, there are lots of different types of sheets on itself to choose from these days including cotton, flannel, and silk. These different sheets are manufactured to be more comfortable in certain climate conditions, so choose the right one based on where you live!

Bedroom Decor: You should always decorate your room according to what makes you happy! If that means adding a few pieces of artwork to your walls, then go for it! Casper offers accessories like glow lights, crinkle pillows, blankets, and throws If you want a more relaxing environment with quiet colors and not much furniture, that’s fine too. Bedroom decorating is all about what makes you feel comfortable so don’t let anyone tell you how to do it!

Housekeeping: Another great way to keep your bedroom comfortable is by keeping it clean! It’s just as important for bedrooms to be tidy and well-organized as any other room in the house. A messy bedroom will only make you feel more stressed, which isn’t exactly comforting before bedtime! Keeping things neat and organized can help create a relaxing environment that you’ll look forward to coming home to after a long day.

Air Quality: Finally, the air quality in your bedroom can also affect how comfortable it is for you to sleep there! Dust and other allergens are everywhere these days so if they’re left unchecked then they can build up quickly inside your room. Air filters help keep things clean, while humidifiers increase the moisture in your bedroom to make it more comfortable. No matter what you choose, just be sure to check the filters regularly and replace them as needed.

Avoid Temptation: If possible, avoid having any temptation in your bedroom that will keep you up at night! Avoid televisions or electronics if they make it difficult for you to fall asleep when using them. Work on creating a relaxing environment with some white noise or some soothing music if that helps you doze off. This will help keep things calm and comfortable for a restful sleep!

Avoid Small Spaces: If you’re on the larger side then it’s best to avoid having small bedrooms because they won’t be as comfortable! Look into getting a bigger bed, adding more furniture, and rearranging the space so it feels more open and comfortable. There are also some great websites that offer home decorating ideas for people who need to make their bedroom feel bigger and better, including Houzz.

Quilts and blankets:  One of the most important parts about having a comfortable bedroom is making sure you have great bedding. Casper introduces a lot of different types of quilts and blankets out there to choose from for your home, including cotton, flannel, silk, microfiber sheets. These all come in various colors and designs so make sure you find some that you love!

Include a Little Luxury: If your budget allows for it, then consider adding some nice touches to your bedroom. This might include a comfortable new mattress or a set of silk sheets to make your bed feel luxurious and inviting. All available on Casper again! You can also add better lighting if the lights in there aren’t very bright but still functional.

Cushions:  If you have a chair or sofa in your bedroom, then make sure you add some nice cushions to it. These will help determine how comfortable the space feels when sitting down and relaxing there. In addition, choose ones that fit with your personal style! Made for styling or snuggling, Casper’s Crinkle Pillow features a textured pattern for an elevated look and feel. 

Comfort is Key. No matter what room of the house you’re talking about,  comfort is key in order to live a happy life. This isn’t just about mattresses, pillows, and bedding though – Casper believes it’s also important for the entire room itself! Try thinking of your bedroom as an escape from stress so you can relax there instead of worrying about everything else going on around you.

Making sure that your bedroom is comfortable can be a challenge if it’s already small, so try these tips to make your bedroom feel more spacious.